The New… Evening Writers Group in Carrick

great-lightWhat a thing of wonder.. a mystery.. a glimpse into the past or peek into the future….it’s a blessed thing whatever angle you look at it.  This is a picture of an old house off the Carrick Road in Drumshanbo. The forestry was cut down after a thirty year occupation. Trees completely surrounded the two story farm house.

It was like peeling back wallpaper to discover a fresco.

This is dry stone walling at its finest. Every rock was cut and placed . Every timber mantle was carved and heaved. Then the forestry, long after it became an abandoned house, planted the area with pine. And waited. Waited thirty years. They harvested the wood last autumn. There was alot of business going on in the area, lots of coming and goings, huge trucks with massive logs were driven out of the hills and onto the major roads. Only a little while back, say three weeks ago, was I driving by and noticed there were no workman about.

So i pulled over.old-window-and-doorThese photos remind me of this new writers’ group that I’m leading. I don’t really know anyone who signed up for the 5 weeks course. And in fairness, I rather not even call it a course- that implies something will be tangible at the end of  the 5 weeks. I haven’t a notion what will be in front of us at the end of June when this session is finished. I’ve met some of people before- one is even a neighbour, but when we write, when we’re practising this art of writing, I don’t for a moment think that I can honestly say that I know anyone nor anyone knows me. We’re practising the work of unvieling our true selves, to ourselves. We must go for the jugular as we practise. We must shock ourselves with beauty and havoc. Like this house. Decayed, yet magnificant.

So , to the 8 peole who have signed up for the next 5 weeks, I’d like to welcome you and thank you for your attendance and your blind trust in yourself and in me.

we shall practise writing together and peel back our mystery.

And thanks to the good folks at the Breffini Family Resource Centre for asking me to continue with the Creative Writing classes. You rock.




2 thoughts on “The New… Evening Writers Group in Carrick”

  1. I am trying to buy a present of a creative writing workshop or course for my father. He lives in Cavan but would be willing to travel to Carrick on Shannon or to Sligo for this.

    Do you have any coming up soon? If not, can you recommend anybody who might?

    Best wishes,


  2. Hello Sorcha, you might try the new Arts Centre in Dowra Cavan, there are writing courses run by Barbara Smith. She ‘s a well meaning writing, top heavy with the love of St Bridget but that’s not the worst! All the very best,what a lovely gift for any man ! I wish you only good things Always, Eileen

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