Marching right along

You know, I missed writing on this blog’o during the month of October and so many cool and well, cool things happened, I can’t tell you.. okay I could tell you .. but it’s over, why go there.

You could , if you’d like recap what happened with the Written Word Weekend thang by clicking ..

Thats a start…otherwise- well…. here we go.

Blah blah blah.. and then blah blah blah… when you’ll never guess who turned up!! Blah blah blah thats’ who… Omygod it was so.. blah blah blah.

It didn’t stop there..blah blah blah.. so I decided to blah blah blah and that really put me blah blah blah. Still, blah blah blah with the dog blah blahblah and of course blah blah blah. Ho Ho said I, where have you blah blah blah? And you do know what blah blahblah? ¬†I was shocked. But , look at who I was dealing with. Blah blah blah.

thanks for clinking in…yer a star so you are….

blah blah blah always


( below is copy from the chap book Lester’s Girlfriend. Published by Shard and Gutter Press 1994 The photo was by … I can’t remember his name…and it was taken in the Theatre Centre on Queen Street West Toronto. The show was performed by the Collective Un-Consciousness¬†Collective and yes,

that’s me as a blond.. blah blah blah


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