Four Roads to Glenamaddy

To those who don’t know the Big Tom song Four Roads to Glenamaddy I can assure you that there is indeed four roads to this charming place and it is there that I present myself ,every other week at the Glenamaddy Community Hall to teach drama to 22 special need adults -ages 18 to 68.

Its an entirely loving enviroment making it a completely delightful place to teach. The staff of the two centres, the Glenamaddy Centre and the St Francis Centre are of the most joyful people I’ve ever come across. Well they’re Galway people so what do you expect.

I’ve been with them now for a year. We had a very special time last Christmas as we presented a play at the local Community Centre. It was the very first time that these folks ever performed ! They were splendid. A great crowd attended made up of family  members and people from the service department.  The staff that I worked at created a a sweet nativity set from the football net and some straw bales plus a good few bags of loose ivy and greenery. Costumes were gathered or created and people learnt their lines to perfection. Of course we sang songs and every so often had a star turn, but shure they were all stars that day!

Lately we have been working with puppets and trying to understand how that works. It’s difficult as it takes some serious physical effort to hold up and work a puppet, however the first thing is that we all a bit a fun with it all. If it’s worth the effort we’ll find the way to make it work.

Tomorrow is another day at the Glenanmaddy Centre. If possible I’ll upload a few pictures to share with you and you can see the lay of the land and perhaps some of our staff members and clients. I must always be mindful of privacy  and in this case asking permission is the way forward. Nevertheless I can surely give you some idea of the lovely town I have a pleasure to visit every forthnight… Bye for now from “ The four dusty by-roads to my heart

All the best

always eileen

3 thoughts on “Four Roads to Glenamaddy”

  1. Hi Eileen ,I was born in Glenamaddy and have lived in Australia for most of my adult life, but can relate to this song and remember the cold winter nights and the sound of the music from my friend Dermot Mc’Dermots Pub, also my parents are buried in the graveyard near the lake. keep up the good work and enjoy your time at my old home town. Regards Johnb Keaveny

  2. Hello John, I must agree with you, The Four Roads to Glenamaddy is very sad song. Still, I hope you are well and that you life may allow you take many roads to your hearts desire. All the best Always eileen

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