Carrick-on-Shannon Creative Writing Class

christine-mackeys-fingers-on-book1The next series of Creative Writing Classes at the Breffni Family Resource Centre, Carrick -on-Shannon begins Wednesday September 23rd at 7:30. 2012 This is a six week program.With perks at the end, if you show up!

Everyone is welcome to come along and practise writing.

No heroes, no big deal published types, no martyrs.    Just writers.

Please call the Centre to reserve your spot.

And scroll down and please read the information regarding what you should bring to the class and how to prepare.  Cheers


The next Creative Writing Workshop takes place on Thursday evenings, beginning May21st and lasting 5 weeks . We ‘ll be working from 8pm-9:30 at the Breffni Family Resource Centre in Carrick on-Shannon. The fee is 50 euro

contact the Centre at 01796 22566 or email for further information.

No experience required.    Just come and practise .

When I’m not travelling on  the Four Roads to Glenamaddy, I travel to Carrick Town to the Brefini Centre to lead a Creative Writing Workshop. This session has only just commenced and so far it holds great promise. The most pleasant thing in the world is to be given an opportunity to talk about a subject near and dear to one’s heart and this class, every fortnight does that very thing.

This past week marked the second workshop and again we had a great time of it.  The writing needs a bit of coaxing to flow out of us and so after the first 45 minutes of doing practise exercises , our pens were flowing like wine. The next session is in two week, March 25th. Feel free to come alongimg_0505

At the first workshop we had listed four people to attend however only two arrived but they were enthusiastic and willing to have a go with my ideas and exercises. And I believe that they both felt comfortable enough to share their thoughts about their writing and about there life.

Its a very delicate thing we do. When we write we must go for the jugular and  open a vein to our our heart and truth and that take courage.  We must stress that our workshop is about practising the craft of writing, no one in the room are experts or professionals. We’re all in the same boat rowing along- working at working. Some of us have been rowing that boat a little longer than others.

So it is with great anticipation that I look towards the next class- Wednesday March 11th from 11-1 pm.

If you like, feel free to join us. Bring a good pen, one that writes fast for, your thoughts come quicker than any pencil can follow, and bring a notepad or book that allows you to write the biggest junk and the lousiest prose  in the world. Don’t bring anything too precious or pretty, we must give ourselves permission to just scribble and be messy. We’re gathering together to practise. We’re not perfect writers and no one pretends to be anything other than ourselves. Chin hairs and all!

All the best!

always eileen

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