Booking a Sound Therapy Session

  Booking a Sound Therapy Session

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“Nothing can be done without intention.

In fact the healing is not through me, I merely assist You to help yourself ”

Long Distance Sound Therapy using Medical Tuning Forks

This session shifts the electromagnetic energy that flows through and around the body. Though it is not necessary for the participant to coordinate an international time with Eileen, the client must have their intention thought through before the session can commence.

40.00 euro per session with a follow up Bio-field chart delivered to your email

When requesting Long Distance Sessions please make payment though the  Donation Button on this site.

Local Sound Therapy in Your Home or Business

50.00 euro, plus travel if further than County Leitrim.

1 hour session

The Bio-field chart is discussed and a digital copy forwarded to you. Group rates are available.  A full compliment of sound tools  include: Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls , Brain Harmonizers . Weighted Tuning Forks and Bio-field Tuning Forks.