Bells and Bobbles in a Tree

bell and bobbles in tree



Seems to me that spring is one leaky affair. Weather wise we’ve have three rainy days  to each one fair day. Makes of very damp grass. Also make very green grass. And thats’ the country we live in. Green. Wet green.

crazy pic of lilies



I’ve decided to dedicate the next number of years to understanding sound therapy and it’s influence  on our state of being. My dear friend Wendy Doman from Crystal Blues Healing and Teaching in San Felipe Mexico suggested that look again at this. When I arrived in Ireland in 2000 I was looking for teachers but found only charlatans

.Time passed rapidly and at the end of 2014 Wendy and I were have our weekly skype chat .She suggested that I go check out some more places and people that have course. She said that she just had a feeling about it and now might be the time to bring the correct teacher  my way.. . Days later I found a site called “The Colour of Sound Institute” .

Somehow it all fit.

energy gongs


Its been a very special…..and I must write.. no I will write more about this because its’ been life changing.

Table of Bowls
arhhh… ( oh.. i can barley sling a line together..)   Madness really….must write..can’t write…whats with this??


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