Enter the New Moon…places pleases

It’s the 20th of January 5am….the whiteness of the night seems to have waken something more in me .

we’re past the winter though she’s still very much at home. And where I am there is a thick memory of water as the snow keeps falling.

A new moon is on the horizon. A good moon. A transformative one.


This month has presented itself well for me.

I performed in The Devil’s Spine Band Show at the Project Arts Centre on the 18th  My first Dublin stage appearance.

I secured my place in the Colour and Sound Institute.

And I apologized for a pear shaped evening 4 months ago.

Recorded a Sam Larkin song .

Submitted writing to contests.

Laughed until it really hurt.

This a list,a reminder,a tally shall we say. It doesn’t speak to the trembling newness nor the aching. But it passes as a living, as doing things, as make use of time, whatever time is. And if I can write here, on this page, once a month, for the remainder of this year, it will be nothing short of fecking miracle, and thats’ exactly what I anticpate happening from now til forever.                                                          hahahaha !

I think I’m very funny. I write as if I’ve never written before…as if the words are unfamiliar and the thoughts are well unformed.

A brave thing was told to me about a time long ago when I lived somewhere else and made my presence known. It was a compliment  made by a dead poet, yet another dead poet Nic Beat….and I was taken aback because I forgot that I was not forgotten.  And that I serve.That we all serve…. as good examples .. as poor examples… as live examples….. I am guessing that this is our true function as space humans.

I wonder if I can remember this seemingly simple thing as I make my way through this year.    And you… you reading right now….. I truly wish that you also remember something simple to make this time possible.IMG_0003

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always Eileen

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