Let’s weight it up

Dec 2013 034

Ever been to a place that hold time in front of your eyes?

A space where your lies and your truths sit like fruit in a salad bowl

Echoing a moment

Leaving out the grit or the perfection

But keeps the essence in a sieve


October 2013 114                                                                                                   I’m watching things now with a different clarity.

Like someone who finally undestands the rules of a rugby match

I’m watching with a keener appreciation

Dec 2013 053Like someone who has less year in front of her than

And more years behind

And frankly my dears…….. I really don’t mind!

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sunshine bites.. really…. shines…really…bites!


always eileen

January 20th ….2014….This week…

Hello there, thanks for clicking in.

If you’re here for further information about the Energy Festival this weekend Jan 25th 26th /14 at the Boghill Centre Co Clare then scroll away to the next post and there’s links that you can link away to….

If you’re here because you’ve read or seen this….

writing practise 2014 better poster…. Then hello .

I’ll be running this  “Writing Practise” at the Oaktree Councilling Centre in Hartley beginning Feb 4th for the month. The aim is to get back into the practise of writing for longer than it take to make a shopping list. This entails timed writing exercises, engaging the fingers in a more sublte and strenghting postion and bringing back the flow from pen to page.

For any further information and to book your place

Please email me at artistinireland@gmail.com or call me 086 1565447


always eileen


The Energy Festival Jan 25th/26th 2014

The Boghill Centre in County Clare is celebrating the opening of a new hall with an Energy Festival Jan 25th / 26th.  There are some taster workshopers avaible such as yoga, singing, chaklra balancing, belly dancing,tarot reading and much much more… In fact I’ll be there, giving a taste of….

” Puppet Articulation and Tuning  your Frequency when working with Special Needs”   

This is a hand-on  practical workshop, all puppets are provided. 

Workshop is one hour long

Saturday 25th- 12:45-13:45

In the Big Hall   5euro.IMG_8040I’ve never been to the Boghill Centre and I’m really looking forward to being on the Burren  …. !!!



If you venture to this festival be sure to say hello !

All the best

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always eileen


And a very good year to you too !!

steep sunlite stone steps                         ”Been down so long, looks like up to me!”


2014 has that kinda of energy to it, doesn’t it?!…. Good, good, good.

So, from me to you I say , hello and welcome to  it. There is a cavalcade of activity bubbling from yours truly and ya ‘d  think I’d be able to show and tell in one easy step… sadly no. I can’t even get the old Facebook link up and running which is where you’ll see videos of me singing my tired little heart out in New York City last fall and my lastest info commercial about a writing workshop I’m giving in February in Carrick-on-Shannon, County Leitrim.

I gotta tell ya, I’ve been working on this new web site  since the summer and bygod.. ……..IT WILL BE MINE…..

Yessss,…one day…..  my new site will be certainly a sight for sore eyes.

Still… if you want me…..Call me….. 086 1565447   ( Irish time please)

selfprotraitJan 2013 014This is my current FB profile picture should you go Eileen-a-Hunting

I don’t usually look this way, my mustache is far more pronounced.

Oh yes and I’m on Sound Cloud too!  yeah.. I’m happy with that. Posting new ukulele hits by yrs truly and though I might not have the hang of that either ( posting properly that is – I upload a new song, post it and entire catalog gets re-posted. No. no, no…. I’m doing something fundamentally incorrect, that much is true… and can I link it up for quick and easy access? ?    In a pigs eye.)  Once again, if you can find me, you can listen to me!  Ah jaysus now,   it’ll be worth the wait!

 Hmmmm this whole, P.R. thing will turn around.. It will turn around, I tell ya.. You’ll be able to connect me just by thinking about me and voila there’ll I’ll be, on time …. right outside yer window.  

Can’t wait huh !!!…. me too!!………………………..So,

There you have it ladies and gentlemen.

A big thanks to the Kinlough Fundraising Event for one of the local playschools the Sunday before Christmas, that was a delightful show and a pleasure to meet all of  you; as well as thank you to the Leitrim Library Services that brought me in to entertain the childers throughout November and December. That would be the Manor Hamilton Branch, the Carrick-on-Shannon Branch, the Carricallen Branch and our very own Drumshanbo Branch.

eileen and puppy( This picture was taken by Patrick Anderson McQuaid. back in the year God was born)


Of course I must give a nod to my all time round favorite clients,The Severely Disabled Actors of Dochas and St Francis, Glenamaddy and Kilkerrin, Co Galway and their tremendous effort last year with our musical “The Farm Show”.

Some of those songs are posted on Sound Cloud- check it out!

So from my dog and me….Cheers-have a hellva year and….

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Always, Eileen





November arrives with sun and rain and a little surprise…..

October 2013 004

Yesterday some I trust asked me to define “my purpose”.

October 2013 265                                    Normally…….

when I asked myself that….. I come up a clear answer.

but not yesterday.

A cool post outside Toni's studio

I answered  the question……

as if  I had never considered it before.

Like the exercise was a far reaching step for me.

I felt like a fool.

October 2013 114            And that was an old bang to the self esteem.

Feeling foolish. Feeling uncertain.


When this year began I did not know that would be I dropping so many things that were once dear to me.  Now, they no longer served their purpose

What seems to be left is empty doorways, a missing step.

October 2013 075

..until another something takes its place.

October 2013 322

I’m strangely draw to the question of what a parent wishes for their child.

Wonder if those wishes ever fade.

Even in adulthood, does the parent ever let the tender strings drop.

October 2013 070Lets say I birth myself, ………no…no….stop……….. that’s all too whoo whoo somehow…..

October 2013 218                I wish to be practical here, but it’s like glass orbs in a kiln.

October 2013 176                                               Dangerous and brilliant.

October 2013 172


I                 Feel like this bobble, so I do. Not perfect but not needing to be..

October 2013 321


.What is my purpose?……………….

Between two buidlings, a bridge

                    What is my purpose?

evening time by Brooklyn Bridge

 What do I bridge?

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(P.S. the last two pictures were taken by my good friend Toni Josephson. She is the video photographer and web master for the artist that is Kung Fu Master Lawrence Tan. The shots were taken in Sept 2013 in Dumbo Brooklyn New York City. For more on their work…..www.tandao.com  )






It’s not a blur to me.

Jan 2013 001


I like the memory of a new year.

The promise of promises.

Sleeping seeds dreaming green

Jan 2013 003Different kind of light in the new year

Jan 2013 004

Different kind of play


Jan 2013 005


Different imagination.

Different dreams



Half way through this year I’m taken to the task of memory



Why have I done certain things a certain way?



Was the effort worthy of the dream?

March 2013 190


Was the dream worthy of the effort?

March 2013 223


March 2013 224


March 2013 226 There are a million dreams on mine, rubbed out, stamped on.


March 2013 219And a million more out of my reach. A million more raised as banners. March 2013 194



Dancing and diving

Failing and flyingMarch 2013 218 And this year we have finished with a good few things as well.

The seven year cycle still holds true for yours truly.

so long Pigs

good night Graham

wet window 002


The window is wet with water not wet from weeping.


Thanks for clicking in.

I haven’t posted since April because I dreamed of building a new web site. Its a long dream. Taking its time in becoming lucid.

And frankly I missed seeing my photos in space so we’re dipping our fingers back into the colours that is ‘artist in ireland’.



yeah, I know it pisses people off…where’s the continuity ? where’s the craftmanship? where’s the fecking art?



Its’ not a blur to me.

once again…thanks for clicking in.

always eileen


Ever had the feeling that you want to leap but don’t know where the edge is?

Oct Nov 2012 127


There’s a ton of fun I guess somewhere ……not that I’m having fun myself..I am.. I am…..okay I’m not………. everywhere I look I see the reasons to leap.

I felt this way two years ago and spoke to a trusted friend. She advice me to stay. I did. Love came my way. Brilliant. Now…..I feel like leaping again.

I got a sense that an overseas call is due…..ahhhhh but maybe not…darn it all…..i’ll wait

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always eileen

Here’s a little read…….

May -France Pictures 2012 342Jewelry

an excerpt of a short story

By   Eileen O’Toole

“Get off me.”
“I’m not budging till you give it back.”
“I don’t have it.”
“Carmel, yer such a fucking liar and a thief. You’ll never get to fucking heaven and hell’s too fucking good for ya.”
She throws me a punch on the chops.
Right now getting into heaven was the least of my troubles. Josie the meanest barmaid in town tackled me in the car park. My skeleton was breaking rocks under the weight of her. Seems I had something she wanted.
“He swore to me on all that’s holy that you, stole, it.”
Not so gently, she slapped my face back and forth to punctuate the last three words. I opened my eyes looking beyond my tormentor’s huge torso and big head to the blue of the sky and the little white clouds. It was promising day. My tongue felt for loose teeth.

I can’t believe some people’s righteous indignation when they’re busting your hole. Who is she joking? Denis is the worst liar the world over. There’s nothing he wouldn’t promise for a ride, which included his dead mother’s diamond sweetheart ring. It was the payment she demanded from the father when he was found in a compromising position in the public toilets with the Goat man from Clare-Galway. The father was a soft hearted fellow, always obliging and never made a fuss. As for the Goat man, well that handsome old buck had a glint in his eye that couldn’t be refused. Even by a man.

I must confess, after all the times Denis begged me for a shag, the pledge of wearing the diamond ring was the ultimate carrot before the cart. In fairness he did tell me he’d only let me wear it for one night. It wasn’t my fault he passed out before the deed was done.I certainly didn’t want him, I just the like the bling.

It was a stupid, boring old night, no one was around and even the giant of the barmaid was out at bingo. Denis was buying. I was drinking. For the record it took an awful lot of lager to get me into the front room of his family home.
The ring sat on the mantelpiece in a tiny box. He tossed it to me as he staggered from the fireplace to the couch. I put the diamond on my finger and was admiring it greatly when he cleared his throat and gave me a leer. With a sigh and a flourish I removed my Velcro thong from under my skirt. He passed out with a god almighty Guinness snore. I wasn’t the least bit upset, but a deal’s a deal. I thought I’d like to see how a ring would work with my other bits. Through a gap in the old curtain netting I caught sight of the giant of a barmaid walking up the driveway. Thong in hand I dashed into the kitchen and was just out the back way when the front door open and heard Denis call out my name. I didn’t stick around….

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always, eileen




Walking Through New Doors, Walking in Circles.

April 2013 005Hey how’s it going?

So as the title of this piece suggest, I’m walking through new doors and yes, I’m walking in circles.

Seems a character in a Sam Beckett novel (Molly) described those who found themselves lost in the woods trying to walk in a straight line, only to find that they were walking in circles.

Cleverly ( at least I’m hoping its’ clever) I’m am purposefully, walking in circles with the desired effect of finding myself actually walking in a straight line.

It’s this weeks’ solution. And by far, its the most mindful thing I can do.  Getting angry at the world (great or small), feeling pity for a personal plight, or participation in a bout apathetic napping  is a nest of empty energy. A total waste of time.

So circles it is.

Should you want me for anything……..Call me.

I’m not nearly as occupied as I appear and more than willing to chase my tail for just about anyone.

Bravo to you for looking in at this site. Hope things are smoother for you, where ever you are.  Should you have a scathingly brilliant idea ( or twelve) , do let me know.

I hear I’m a good listener, that is when the buzzing subsides.

Happy trails to the lot of you.

And……..Thanks for clicking in…..